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Dr. Dean Estramonte

Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Dean Estramonte was born in Long Island and shortly moved to Greenwich, a small town in Upstate New York that he would later grow to love. He was the all-American kid in high school: captain of the basketball team, baseball team, and golf team, as well as president of student council, the school band and his class. Humbly, he takes great pride in his childhood roots, which so deeply reflect an appreciation that he will always have for his hometown.

Inspired by the benefits of chiropractic care, as a result of seeing how a chiropractor helped his mother and from his own personal experience, Dr. Dean determined that he wanted to become a chiropractor. After completing his remaining math and science prerequisites at the State University of New York at Geneseo, where he originally intended to obtain a degree in engineering, Dr. Dean set out for Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa—from which he graduated in 1992.

He worked at a practice for two years in Sterling, Illinois before deciding to return back home to start his own practice and raise his children. His office, built from the ground up, naturally developed into a family-based wellness practice, where he treated patients ranging from the elderly to children. Quickly establishing trust within the community, he taught families how to raise their children in good health. He coached JV boys’ basketball for fifteen years, which also opened the door for him to treat young athletes, further granting him the opportunity to mentor them in their health and in life. Among other ways that Dr. Dean gave back to his community—such as volunteering for various church and community organizations—Dr. Dean notes his coaching experience as one of the most defining and pivotal opportunities he has ever had.

In 1995, Dr. Dean became one of the first chiropractors in the state of New York to receive hospital privileges. He was a member of the staff at Mary McClellan Hospital in Cambridge until 2003, a chapter of his life he will always look back fondly on, as it granted him the opportunity to visit with his grandmother who lived near the hospital.

Forging a new path in his chiropractic career, Dr. Dean moved to Charlotte and joined his brother, Dr. Michael Estramonte, at Keith Clinic. He has come to appreciate the environment at Keith Clinic and looks forward to the clinics continued growth in care, hoping to touch as many lives as he can each day. He is thankful for those who he has learned from at Keith Clinic.

“I watched how Dr. Brown treated his patients and I was impressed. His patients love him and through the years so many return for chiropractic care—that’s an art…and a testament to how hard he worked.”

Dr. Dean loves getting to know new patients and reconnecting with former patients. “I like to find something I have in common with a patient…That first visit with a patient is the most important part of any treatment. You’re building trust and an understanding. I hope to portray to my patients that I truly love my job and that a chiropractor can help so many different conditions. ”

Dr. Dean primarily uses Diversified and Gonstead techniques. With experience and knowledge attained throughout the years, he holds fast to his belief that, “The body heals the body…The chiropractic philosophy is no drugs.” He firmly believes that holding true to this philosophy of chiropractic will preserve its future. Dr. Dean emphasizes to each of his patients that the body has all the tools it needs to heal itself and that, what you put into your body is so important for actually healing your body. He also stresses the extreme importance of exercise.

For exercise himself, Dr. Dean enjoys running in Charlotte’s perfect weather. He enjoys living in Charlotte because it makes visiting his parents in Florida easier during the winter months. Every so often, he likes to catch a good show on Netflix. Dr. Dean is an avid golfer and anticipates becoming a member of a golf club someday soon.

Dr. Dean’s three greatest joys in life are his children: Joseph, Sean and Mary-Kate. He is very proud of Joseph, who is currently finishing up four years of college, with plans to head off to chiropractic school. He is also very proud and supportive of his son, Sean, who is pursuing law enforcement, with the possibility of later joining the military. Dr. Dean loves his beautiful daughter, Mary-Kate, who never ceases to amaze him with her accomplishments of receiving high honors in school and playing basketball, lacrosse, the ukulele and piano. It is because of his children that he is able to wake up each day and give the best that he has to give and he wants nothing more than to see his children live life with that same passion.

Interesting Facts about Dr. Dean

  • Favorite Food: New York Style Pizza
  • Favorite Restaurant in Charlotte: The String Bean (Belmont, NC)
  • Favorite Place: Anywhere his three children are!