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Dr. Nick Brown

Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Nicholas Brown was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in a close-knit family where he is the youngest of seven children. At young ages, he and all of his siblings played tennis at their local tennis academy. With the successes from playing in Southern California’s juniors circuit, he earned a scholarship to play collegiate tennis at Virginia State University. While playing for the university he injured his shoulder, and little to his knowledge his injury was a blessing in disguise. This injury sparked his passion for rehabilitation and anatomy. After returning to the sport he loved and graduating from his undergraduate program he sought out a career in the health and rehabilitation field. Through countless hours of shadowing different healthcare professions, he saw that a career as a chiropractor was the only route for him. He was fascinated with how many of the chiropractors he shadowed had great results and relationships with their patients. Dr.Brown is really looking forward to treating his community because, he understands that getting people back to doing the things they love, while being pain free, can change their world.

Interesting Facts about Dr. Brown

  • He loves working out and staying in shape
  • He’s a restaurant hunter
  • He enjoys relaxing with loved ones
  • He’s a sports fanatic