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Ask The Doctor with Dr. Kyle Dunning

Ask The Doctor:                    Dr. Kyle Dunning

What other types of health problems can chiropractic help treat?

Chiropractic care is not only a safe, effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, such as neck pain or back pain but is also very effective for treating a variety of conditions most people would not assume.  Being that chiropractic revolves around restoring joint and muscular dysfunction and reducing irritation of nerves, treating the musculoskeletal system can be very effective for the treatment and management of headaches, sciatica and other nerve-related conditions (including carpal tunnel syndrome), certain gastrointestinal conditions, such as colic in babies, and there have been positive results in reducing symptoms and flare-ups of asthma in patients.  Not many people truly understand how powerful chiropractic care can be!

How old is too old for an adjustment?

As long as a joint and/or muscle is still functioning, it is a candidate for chiropractic care!  Being that chiropractic is assessing and correction of dysfunction in the muscles and joints, there simply is no living joint or muscle that is off limits. This is why I always tell people, I simply help bodies move and function better – if you have one, you can benefit from chiropractic care.

How am I going to fit all of these doctor visits into my busy schedule?

A chiropractic check-up or visit can be anywhere from several minutes to an hour.  Once the doctor has properly assessed a patient and determined an appropriate treatment plan, a typical adjustment may only take several minutes. It is important to understand that regular adjustments may be advised in order to not only correct, but re-train joints, muscles and nerves.  A certain condition may have taken months, if not years, to develop (such as overuse injuries, or postural dysfunction). Therefore, one must understand that correcting and managing the condition may take that long, as well.

Are there any sports or activities you would recommend to help with my recovery?

Depending on the condition and health status of the patient, I almost always recommend some form of activity in the recovery process. Research has shown that movement and stimulation of blood flow is necessary for healing and although it may be difficult and painful, some form of movement can not only decrease recovery periods, but also increase chances of more successful recovery.  Whether specific exercises given to you by your doctor, general exercises, such as walking, or swimming, or an exercise class or routine, I always recommend some form of activity in recovering from, or managing a condition.

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