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Ask the Doctor with Dr. Marcia Chafins

Ask The Doctor:                  Dr. Marcia Chafins

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate and safe for children?

Yes, chiropractic care is safe for all ages. Children are generally very physically active. They experience many types of falls and blows from sports and just playing at home. These injuries may cause pain in the neck and/or back. Improper backpack usage has also been shown to cause back issues in children.  As always chiropractic care is adapted to the individual patient no matter the age.  

What does a chiropractic physician do to find my problem?

Chiropractic physicians start with a detailed history of your past and present health. We then use a combination of motion, palpation, and orthopedic tests to determine if there are any subluxations in the spine and/or other underlying issues. X-rays are also used to help determine the health of the spine.  All the information that has been gathered is then put together to help determine the cause of your problem.

Why do chiropractors take x-rays?

There are many reasons why your chiropractor may take x-rays. They are often needed after a significant trauma to rule out any serious injuries that may have occurred such as a fracture. X-rays are also used to rule out pathology (e.g. an infection) and degeneration of the joints and spine.  Please feel free to speak with your chiropractic physician regarding the specific reason x-rays are being taken.

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