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Review of the Week — Keith Clinic Estramonte Chiropractic

My experience at Keith Clinic Estramonte Chiropractic has been life-changing. This past October, I was in my first ever collision accident, I was driving and rear ended while stopped at a stop sign. At first I didn’t feel pain, just some soreness in my back, but after some time pain and discomfort began to settle in my neck and on my right side. I was really discouraged, because this was the first time I had ever been injured in my life, besides a sprained finger in my childhood. I am a very healthy and fit person and wasn’t happy about having to go through this injury. After deciding to go through treatment with Dr. Kyle – I felt immediately hopeful. He has, from the beginning, encouraged me that by following all of his advice and along with his care, that I’d be feeling back to myself. I had to work hard on living out the advice that Dr. Kyle had given me (drinking more water, fixing my posture, stretching, using Aleve, staying active…). There were days were I felt great, and then there were days when I didn’t feel so great and wondered if my neck would ever go back to normal. I also experienced headaches that seemed to never go away. The headaches disrupted my day, while the discomfort in my neck made it hard to sleep. It’s hard to believe but now, a few months after starting treatment, I am finally feeling better. I have finished my treatment plan, and although there are still times when I don’t feel back to normal, I am trusting that the work that Dr. Kyle did with me and the new lifestyle of health that I’ve embraced and taking care of my posture and my back/neck, will continue to help me on this road to recovery. It is encouraging to know that I can go back at anytime. I am also thankful for his helpful and kind staff…by the time I went back for my third visit, the staff was already greeting me by my first name. I have always felt welcomed there…The Keith Clinic made their office so welcoming during the holidays, playing Christmas music and putting up a tree. I appreciate the holistic approach that chiropractic care plans offer and I can truly say that, these days — it is often rare that you can feel so cared for in a doctor’s office. I thank this clinic for restoring my faith in doctors and I strongly recommend Keith Clinic Estramonte Chiropractic to those suffering from any kind of injury in need of rehabilitation.


– Rachel Kang