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Dr. Casey Schneible

Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Casey Lee Schneible is originally from the town of North Syracuse, New York. He grew up living in Central New York his whole life and loves the beautiful change of seasons that New York promises every year. In school, he played football and tennis. He also played basketball with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) through his church. Dr. Casey also spent much of his free time creating art, drawing, painting and sculpting with clay.

Furthering his passion for creativity and his skill for working with his hands, Dr. Casey would help his father with building things and remodeling homes. Growing up with a father who was a business owner, Dr. Casey learned a lot about what hard work ethic was and from a young age knew that he wanted to help people.

After a high school project requiring students to look at different career possibilities, Dr. Casey discovered chiropractic. Gaining the opportunity to shadow a local doctor, Dr. Casey knew that chiropractic was what made sense to the passions in his heart. Learning that he could use his hands to “fix the body” (chiropractic, in Greek, literally means practice with the hands) welcomed him to a profession worth pursuing.

Exploring the possibility of studying away from home but remaining in New York is what led Dr. Casey to the University at Albany in 2008. There, he stayed very active playing intramural football, basketball, and softball while focusing on his studies of the human body and anthropology. Four years later, Dr. Casey obtained his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, graduating with honors, summa cum laude.

Upon graduating from Albany in 2012, Dr. Casey studied at New York Chiropractic College located in Seneca Falls, New York. He loved the charm of this small town, beautifully nestled in the region of the Finger Lakes. He takes pride in the fact that he attended this top school and appreciates its factual and evidence-based approach to chiropractic.

Dr. Casey’s love for traveling and adventure led him to Charlotte after graduating with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He appreciates Charlotte’s weather and its centrality to the mountains and the beach. He also likes the economy of the city and how it is filled with younger, growing families.

Taking advantage of an opportunity to visit and observe Keith Clinic, Dr. Casey joined the team — excited to be part of a practice that would allow him the freedom to be a doctor and to focus on his patients.

Dr. Casey lives by the motto, “Movement is life.” He notes that teaching people about biomechanics, proper posture and movement patterns helps improve their quality of life. He emphasizes that staying active does not have to be complicated. “Find those areas that are not moving properly and put motion there. It’s as simple as that.” When it comes to nutrition, Dr. Casey has personally experienced the benefit of food prepping, which allows him to plan out his meals, nutritionally and in correct portions. He encourages the same for his patients and even says that you don’t have to be strict all the time. “Take a few days to learn the difference between what is a good bread to eat and a not so good bread to eat…or what the difference is between a good carbohydrate versus a bad carbohydrate is…It really can go a long way in your health.”

Dr. Casey focuses on using Diversified technique as well as the Activator technique, which is a great option for patients who may be more sensitive. He stresses the importance of educating patients, to the best of their understanding, so that they might learn about chiropractic and how it can impact their life.

“I really like to see patients get better. It makes me very happy when a patient comes in, they’re in pain or they have problems and then, in a couple of visits or at the end of their treatment plan, they’re smiling, we’re having good conversation, they’re feeling much better and they understand what I did and what I helped educate them on.”

In his free time Dr. Casey loves to stay active. To maintain his lifestyle of health, Dr. Casey works out and plays basketball, football, and competes in triathlons. He really enjoys outdoor activities and hiking the mountains. He still makes time for being creative and enjoys designing his living space and when he is in the mood for a quiet night at home, he likes watching TV shows on Netflix.

Though his team is the New York Giants, Dr. Casey isn’t ashamed to follow his favorite players from team to team. He loves to watch athletes perform at their best and for any game he watches to be competitive. He likes living in Charlotte because there is always something to do and because it makes going back home to visit friends and family better every time.

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