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Beware of Runners in Charlotte and Quick Claim Settlements

Here are a few quick details about “runners” in Charlotte, and whether or not quick claim settlements can be harmful!

Beware of Runners in Charlotte

What is a runner?

A runner obtains accident reports from the DMV database and “cold calls” people to solicit them to see a doctor. Oftentimes, runners target minority communities.


Is this legal?

NO. Not only is accepting referrals from someone that has cold called considered highly unethical, but it is also a violation of North Carolina law. Recently in Minnesota, several doctors participating in this unethical and unlawful practice were prosecuted and imprisoned.


Our recommendation:

Following an accident, it is always best to ask a friend or relative for a referral to a doctor, attorney or body shop, should you need any of those services. Do not take recommendations from strangers over the phone. If you are contacted by someone over the phone and recommended to see a doctor, either notify the chiropractic licensing board or feel free to call our office and we will help handle the complaint for you.

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Can Quick Claim Settlements Be Harmful?

What is a quick claim settlement?

Our office has interacted with literally thousands of insurance adjusters over the years. Many of which are good, ethical and honest people. Unfortunately, on occasion our patients have mistakenly signed a quick claim settlement for a dollar amount that is not adequate to cover the damage to their car, lost wages or needed healthcare treatment. This level of frustration, anxiety and disbelief is often accompanied when individuals realize they may have signed their settlement prematurely.


Our recommendation:

Read any agreements and learn your rights before signing anything. It is always best to let the dust settle after a mentally and physically traumatic situation and then make a clear decision. In unsure, it is always best to get a recommendation from someone you trust to see an attorney so you can make a educated decision, Regrettably, once an agreement is signed, there is no going back.