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Keith Clinic Review of the Week

Review of the Week

I’ve been dealing with on and off back pains for years, but never considered seeing a Chiropractor for it (frankly because I didn’t think it was any different or more long lasting than cracking my knuckles). Finally the pain was bad enough that I scheduled an appointment and after a single visit I can tell you that it is VERY different then just cracking your knuckles (because I asked). Dr. Planck and the rest of the staff here are all awesome, friendly and professional, make you feel comfortable and take time to help you understand what they are actually doing. There is a LOT of science behind the techniques and equipment that I’ve had the pleasure of quizzing everyone on. I just left from my second visit feeling better than ever. I mentioned in passing to Dr. Planck that I hurt my thumb 8 years ago snowboarding and that it has been not quite right ever since… a little pressure in the right area and a bit of elbow grease later and I have full range of motion back in my thumb. 8 YEARS! And so I am now a definite believer of Chiropractic and plan on visiting again soon as my back continues to get better. A special thanks to Brian for putting up with my bad jokes and Isaiah for greeting me by name on the second visit! Two (now correctly working) thumbs WAY up!

 – Charles Forgo from Charlotte, NC