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Sports injuries and chiropractic care


At Keith Clinic, we understand the challenges that injured athletes face.


In addition to being certified in advanced techniques for the treatment of sports-related injuries, many of our doctors played college-level sports, which gives them first-hand experience of many of the injuries that may occur in team sports or sports. Individuals – such as lifting weights, cycling, swimming and running.


Because we are different


Not all chiropractors and injury treatment specialists are the same.


Our experience and track record in rehabilitating athletes with injuries related to sports has made us one of the most trusted clinics in Charlotte.

    • Quality for professional athletes. Working with the Charlotte Hornets and the Charlotte Checkers has given Keith Clinic the opportunity to develop relationships with other health care providers who work with professional athletes on a regular basis. Not only has this improved our knowledge and skills, it has also served as a referral network for our patients.
    • Driven by science. By the way, chiropractic care can be used to treat sports injuries, but did you know that it can also help prevent them? Research has shown that it can even give a natural advantage due to the increase in neurological reflex time.
    • Built by a certified athletic trainer. Dr. Chad Robertson , the Director of Rehabilitation at Keith Clinic, is also a certified athletic trainer. Use your knowledge and experience working with professional athletes to advance the education of clinic staff to give the best possible experience to patients.

Chiropractic care for shoulder, knee, ankle or wrist injuries


Although most of the conditions treated in a chiropractic clinic are related to the spine, do not underestimate the significant amount of training and experience that our doctors have in the diagnosis and treatment of limb injuries.


Our X-ray equipment is of the same quality as for urgent care centers, and can easily diagnose a fracture or dislocation that would require non-chiropractic care. If the condition is beyond the scope of what we can treat in our clinic, we have an excellent network of specialists to whom we can refer you.


From amateur to professional, athletes rely on Keith Clinic to get their full capabilities back.


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