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About Our Chiropractic Clinic

Keith Clinic History

In 1959, Dr. Fletcher Keith established his first Chiropractic clinic at 4016 Triangle Drive, often referred to as the ‘West Clinic’ or ‘Freedom Drive location.’ This was just the first of several Keith Clinic locations known for the extraordinary quality of care he and his team members provided. Over the years, Dr. Keith expanded into the Charlotte community and established clinics at other locations. Following Dr. Keith’s passing, Dr. Michael Estramonte assumed ownership and became Clinic Director of the other Keith Clinic locations. He once again surrounded himself with a strong support team of doctors and set out to improve office systems and modernize the clinics. Currently, he remains Owner/Clinic Director of all three locations — Central Avenue, Sugar Creek Rd, and Freedom Drive, and continues the caring traditions taught by his mentor, Dr. Fletcher Keith.

Dr. Michael EstramonteA Few Words From Dr. Estramonte

“As clinic owner, I’m humbled to carry on the tradition of excellent healthcare first started by Dr. Keith in 1959. My commitment to you is to ensure that our clinic family meets all of your goals for recovery and wellness. Our team is devoted to staying current on chiropractic standards to ensure you receive the pain relief you need and the care you deserve.” Dr. Michael Estramonte
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