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Chiropractic Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Wellness Services from Our Chiropractors

Although our clinics may mostly be known for injury and pain care, we pride ourselves on living and teaching the chiropractic lifestyle to everyone. Chiropractic treatments and adjustments are based on the fact that your nervous system controls and coordinates every function in your body from organs, to muscles, to tissues, all the way down to the cells. If communication between these various parts is disrupted, they will not work correctly. A majority of the time, those disruptions are caused by a subluxation.

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What is a Subluxation?

Subluxations (or Spinal Subluxations) are misalignments or a partial dislocation of a joint.

How a Wellness Service Helps

  • Subluxations Happen. Whether you slept in a bad position, or you were just trying to reach something up on the shelf or even if you were just exercising normally, subluxations can and will happen.
  • Bodies in motion stay in motion, if they’re healthy. Patients who come in for regular chiropractic adjustments, even if they are not injured, see increased health and flexibility. They are also less likely to be injured, but also heal faster if they are injured.
  • Natural pain management. A majority of current pain management techniques only treat the symptoms of a problem, not the cause. Chiropractic works to treat the cause of the issue. Because of this, Chiropractic treatment is effective at preventing future issues from presenting themselves.

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With the nervous system working at its best, all systems in the body work better and allow each person to experience their full potential. In addition to eating well and exercising regularly, a healthy functioning spine can not only add years to your life, but life to your years.

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