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Should My Child See a Chiropractor?

Have you ever considered taking your child to see a chiropractor? At first it might seem like an odd idea or even unnecessary. After all, aren’t most people who suffer from back pain older? Not so fast.

First of all, there are a lot of reasons people see a chiropractor! (Getting better sleep, lowering anxiety, and better immune system function, just to name a few.) Children can benefit from these improvements as well and starting them with chiropractic care early on in their lives can set them for a lifetime of health and well-being.

Second, children’s skeletal systems might be more in need of an adjustment than you’d think. Generally, anyone’s ‘childhood’ phase can be a traumatic period. As babies learn to crawl, walk, and run in a short time, they’re in an almost-constant state of moving. Plus, physical activities like playing hide and seek indoors and running around the backyard are a normal and healthy part of childhood.

But while small stumbles may not cause significant discomfort for your child, these can cause shifts in their musculoskeletal system which often leads to spinal misalignment or subluxation, interfering in your kid’s nervous system’s efficient functioning.

The best way to address these naturally is with chiropractic care, which can help correct these misalignments and improve their wellness and prevent future health problems.

Here are a few other questions you might have about taking your child to the chiropractor.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

When performed by a licensed chiropractor, chiropractic adjustments for children are safe, gentle, and effective!

As children grow, their bodies change. Chiropractors understand this and will adjust the child’s treatment plan based on their health needs and changes in their physiology and anatomy.

When children receive a chiropractic adjustment, it’s important to remember these adjustments don’t hurt. Some kids may be scared of the popping noise or quick movements that the chiropractor makes during treatment, and some kids may cry due to a fear of strangers or unpleasant experiences with past doctors. 

Luckily, chiropractors are usually prepared for these possibilities, which is why they take the time to sit down, meet the child, and discuss the child’s treatment plan before their first adjustment. When parents and legal guardians are less worried, this helps their child calm down too.

Do chiropractors use the same types of treatments on kids that they do on adults?

Chiropractors provide custom treatment plans for all of their patients based on their age and health needs. The type of adjustment needed for a child is based on their size and age, which will help ensure the chiropractor performs safe, effective spinal adjustments. 

Before the age of six, a child’s spine is not fully hardened. Thus, chiropractors only need to use light pressure to restore a child’s spine or joints into alignment. Since only light pressure is needed, this means chiropractors place no more than around 2 pounds of pressure on the child’s undeveloped spine or joints. This will address and treat their health issues, as well as improve their spine or joint functionality.

What are the signs my child should visit a chiropractor?

A parent’s concern is always the first sign that treatment might be required. Young bodies are usually flexible and resilient and again, children take a lot of falls and bumps without much difficulty. But minor adjustments along the way can help your child grow strong and pain-free. 

Here are some of the signs that chiropractic care might be an effective treatment option:

  • Complaints of continual or recurring neck or back pain
  • Limited head or neck mobility
  • Uneven shoulders
  • Irregular sleep patterns

What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care for children?

Chiropractic care can provide many positive effects for kids (just like it can for adults!) Even if your child doesn’t have a particular diagnosed condition, visiting a skilled chiropractor is part of a healthy lifestyle that promotes regular development and wellbeing. Here are some ways chiropractic care can benefit your child: 

  • Healthier immune system. Pediatric chiropractic care is a great way to support a child’s immune system so that they can better fight off sickness. If stomach problems are the issue, chiropractic care can help improve digestion, relieve constipation and alleviate reflux to decrease stomach pain and problems that children often complain of.
  • Improved sleep. Sleep is essential to children’s development. Children of all ages need good sleep to not only function during the day, but also to grow physically and emotionally. Spinal misalignments can disrupt sleep at night. Poor spinal health can lead to tight muscles that cause back pain that can affect sleep, or it can contribute to insomnia. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can remove misalignments and nerve interference so children can get the recommended amount of sleep.
  • Improved behavior. Stress can affect children both physically and emotionally. Children that experience stress can act out because they know no other way to cope. Alleviating stress can go a long way in helping children live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to alleviate stress, which can, in turn, improve children’s moods and overall behavior. 

Want to give chiropractic a try for your child?

Our chiropractors are here to help keep you and family as healthy and pain-free as possible! Schedule a visit today at a Keith Clinic Estramonte Chiropractic location near you.