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Combat the Cold Weather Blues with Chiropractic!

With the cold temperatures, rain, snow, and wind comes colds, accidents, and stiff/achy muscles and joints. Whether young or old, everyone can suffer from discomfort that is caused by cold temperature and atmospheric pressures. These natural elements can cause flare-ups or problems in people who have various types of arthritis, post-surgical areas, skin condition, etc. Cold weather can cause even the healthiest person to move slower, feel stiff or tense, and cause an increased chance of injury.

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Females and Mothers with Children – Pelvic Floor Retraining

Trampolines, funny jokes, and roller coasters are all things that mothers tend to avoid. But why? Leakage. Or fear thereof. We are so thankful to be able to tell these women- YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PEE YOUR PANTS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! (If you don’t want to) Yes, it will take some effort up front and yes, it is not going to be an overnight fix. But hey, you can’t grow a baby overnight either!

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Hurricane Safety: 3 Easy Steps to Preparedness

Be ready for an emergency by following these easy 3 steps to preparedness:

  1.  Assemble an emergency preparedness kit.
  2.  Create a household evacuation plan that includes your pets.
  3.  Stay informed about your community’s risk and response plans.
     Download the Emergency App for iPhone or for Android.

Learn more by watching this video today!

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NFL Players Advocate for Regular Chiropractic Care

The football season is finally upon us! Did you know that chiropractic plays a vital role in keeping players healthy? In the NFL, chiropractors are seen as vital support to their overall health and wellness. Certified NFL trainers agree that chiropractic care is very important when it comes to “treating low back and other musculoskeletal injuries.” According to a recent study done by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, a “substantial portion of NFL trainers have developed cooperative relationships with chiropractors, with 77% having referred a player to a chiropractor. 100% percent of NFL teams have a chiropractor officially on staff.” 

Watch the video!

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The Truth About Gluten

Problems with gluten are becoming an epidemic. With the most recent research showing that consumption of gluten and its closely related compounds can cause innumerable disease processes, there is a lot that is still not understood by both the general public and those in the medical field. Many people have heard of a gluten sensitivity or know someone who suffers from Celiac disease, but this issue reaches much further.

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Runners Knee: What you Need to Know

Knee pain is a relatively common complaint we see here at Keith Clinic but any chiropractic office, especially within the running community. Some may come in with a little knee clicking, some have used Google to self-diagnose themselves with IT Band syndrome because it is so common in the running population, and some won’t even notice the knee pain until they’re 15 miles into a marathon. But everyone with any kind of knee pain, runners or not, should take a step back and consider a few things.

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