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Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions

Treatment for Common Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions in Charlotte, North Carolina

Most people are not aware that chiropractic doctors can treat conditions outside the spine. Extremity adjusting is extensively taught in chiropractic schools and there are constantly continuing education seminars that focus on extremity conditions and treatment.

Whether it is piriformis syndrome, osteoarthritis/bursitis of the knee, sprained ankles or plantar fasciitis our office has had multiple experience and success in treating these conditions. The reason for our success is similar to the philosophy on treating the spine. We look to the cause of the condition and rather than treating the symptom.

If you have hip, knee, ankle of foot pain that wont go away, call Keith Clinic to learn more.

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Hip Pain

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome is a condition whereby the piriformis muscle which spans from pelvis to the hip becomes irritated into a constant state of contraction. The constant contraction and associated inflammation lead not just to localized hip pain but also tingling, numbness and weakness of the muscles in the entire leg as it traps the sciatic nerve. Chiropractic care is highly effective for treating piriformis syndrome through combining extremity adjusting of the hip joint, soft tissue release and stretching of the affected muscle tissue. Generally speaking, the orthopedic approach can involve treatment that ranges from physical therapy to injections and surgical cutting of the muscle.


Knee Pain

Arthritis and Bursitis of the Knee

Arthritis and Bursitis of the Knee in our experience are the most common conditions we see success in our office. The chiropractic treatment for knee arthritis and bursitis consists of adjusting, mobilization and traction of the knee joint. Common therapies include ultrasound and cold laser. Most other knee conditions whereby tearing of the cruciate or meniscus ligaments will be referred out to our network of orthopedic specialists. Schedule a visit with our doctors today.


Ankle Pain

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprains are relatively common in our office. Since our office has urgent care center grade x-ray equipment we have the capability of differentiating sprain from fracture. A sprained ankle is essentially the same type injury that occurs to the spine which we treat so frequently. The treatment protocols of rest, ice, compression and elevation are the same at our office but we have the added benefit of diagnosing and treating with manual therapies as well. Gentle tractioning, ultrasound, diapulse and cold laser are frequently used in the treatment of ankle sprains at our office and we have tremendous success in treating not just the urgent/acute phase but also maximizing healing so that the damaged tissue heals as close to 100% as possible thus reducing risk of reinjury.

plantar fasciitis treatment


Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Second to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis is another overlooked condition that chiropractic doctors treat so effectively. Combining our unique knowledge of anatomy, the ability to adjust the tiny joints of the foot, along with therapies such as muscle release, ultrasound and cold laser many of our patients experience significant success with this condition, especially when they have exhausted all other options for treatment. It is noted that we do have the ability to cast orthotics in our office. The casting is done digitally and analyzes more than just the shape of your foot but also the pressure that emanates from your spine down your leg. Schedule a visit with our doctors today.