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High Heels: Are They Hurting Your Back?

High-heeled shoes date to the early 17th century. So does the pain associated with them.

Sure, heels can have a ‘wow’ factor as a fashion statement. But wearing them too often can put you at risk for pain in your feet, knees, hips, and spine.

High heels distort your natural balance, which can put extra pressure on the balls of your feet. That affects the length of your stride and your posture. It can lead to tense calf muscles, and your hips and spine moving out of alignment.

Over time, the forward curve of your lower back (from wearing heels) decreases or flattens and can cause back strain and pain. Even if your forward curve is only slightly altered, it throws off the position of your spine. If that continues for an extended period, it can lead to serious conditions and pain in various parts of your body.

Reducing pain from high heels

Ladies, we’re not suggesting you give up heels entirely. That’s unrealistic. But do your feet, legs, or back ache after a day in heels. Is it a joy to kick them off and get comfortable?

If so, here are some guidelines to help alleviate pain and keep your spine healthy:

  • Wear sensible heels: Don’t wear anything higher than 2 inches. The higher your heel, the more pressure is put on the ball of your foot.
  • Don’t wear them every day: Switch up your shoe choice and wear flats now and then. Or carry your heels in a bag and put them on when your major walking is completed.
  • Avoid heels with pointed toes: They put even more pressure and strain on your feet.
  • Choose the best shoe: Make comfort your compromise. Stiletto heels can be fashionable, but they usually have stiff soles. Try a pair with rounder toes or a wedge heel, which has a softer sole and is easier to walk in.
  • Be mindful of your posture: Maintain a neutral stance by keeping your shoulders back, your chest out and your knees soft and bouncy.

Hopefully, those modifications can relieve or prevent your pain. But if you feel that you are experiencing back pain due to high heels, it may be time to see one of our chiropractors about your condition. You can schedule an appointment by calling a Keith Clinic Estramonte Chiropractic location or request an appointment online today.